[LLVMdev] CVS Branches To Discard?

John Criswell criswell at cs.uiuc.edu
Mon Apr 2 11:46:48 PDT 2007

Reid Spencer wrote:
> All,
> We are considering removing some branches and tags in the conversion
> process from CVS to SVN. We don't want to do this in a vaccuum, so
> please read carefully.
> A deficiency in the cvs2svn script causes it to bloat the Subversion
> repository (significantly, as in 10x) in the conversion of branches and
> tags. We can minimize the impact of this by only keeping branches and
> tags that we really need. This gives us an opportunity to clean up some
> "dead wood" too. Obviously, I don't want to do this without your
> feedback (loosing your needed branch/tag would be bad).  
> So, please consult the SVN Migration page,
> http://llvm.org/SVNMigration.html. This lists the branches and tags we
> have currently and whether they are scheduled for deletion or inclusion.
> If you think I've categorized something incorrectly, please let me know
> ASAP! 
> We'd like to get this finalized over the next few days.
I believe the ROOT_VLLVM tag might be the root of the vector_llvm
branch.  In that case, it should probably be maintained if at all
possible.  Rob, can you comment?

The jtc and jtcllva tags *do not* need to be maintained.  They were used
to keep track of a snapshot of LLVM known to compile the Linux kernel
before more recent LLVM releases were known to work as well.

-- John T.
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Reid.
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