[LLVMdev] Manipulate order of optimizations in llvm-ld

Bram Adams bram.adams at ugent.be
Wed Sep 20 12:47:18 PDT 2006


Op 18-sep-06, om 21:34 heeft Reid Spencer het volgende geschreven:

> I don't think you can. llvm-ld's always going to give you at least a
> verifier and TargetData pass.

Those passes don't hurt ...

> See tools/llvm-ld/Optimize.cpp for the
> details. If you pass --disable-opt it will put yours first, but then
> you're responsible for doing the things that llvm-ld normally does.

... so this approach did the trick for me.

Thanks (also to Chris),

Bram Adams
GH-SEL, INTEC, Ghent University (Belgium)

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