[LLVMdev] Manipulate order of optimizations in llvm-ld

Bram Adams bram.adams at ugent.be
Mon Sep 18 08:27:29 PDT 2006


I've written a couple of passes, and I intend to use them using llvm-ld 
(loading works fine). However, I can't seem to figure out how to put 
them first, i.e. before all other optimizations (inlining, 
internalizing, ... should only kick in after my passes).

Omitting AnalysisUsage::setPreservesAll() doesn't help and there is no 
AnalysisUsage::invalidateAll(). Does anybody know a workaround?

Kind regards,

Bram Adams
GH-SEL, INTEC, Ghent University (Belgium)

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