[LLVMdev] #line directives in llvm-gcc

Jim Laskey jlaskey at apple.com
Sun Sep 10 03:25:53 PDT 2006

Would you please file a bug in bugzilla http://llvm.org/bugs/ so we  
can track this issue?  Would you also attach the test file, the llvm- 
ggc output and the equivalent output from gcc?  Thank you.


-- Jim

On Sep 10, 2006, at 6:08 AM, Yossi Kreinin wrote:

> Hi!
> Apparently llvm-gcc ignores #line directives in source files when  
> generating debug information. When I compile this:
> //test
> int f(int a)
> {
> #line 1 "someplace"
>    return a*a;
> }
> //end
> with `llvm -g -S lines.c`, `someplace' is not mentioned in lines.s.  
> It also looks like functions #included from header files get  
> attributed to the #including file (albeit at the right line number).
> Is there an option to take #line into account that I am missing?
> Thanks in advance,
> Yossi
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