[LLVMdev] LLVM based Virtual Machine "Environment" idea sanity check.

Domagoj Babic babic.domagoj at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 14:51:59 PDT 2006

Hi Shawn,

The idea reminds me a lot on the research on Java operating systems. If
you google for it, you'll find a plenty of references.

In my opinion, the main problem you're going to run into if you want to
design a serious system is interprocess communication. With Java, that's
a huge problem, because each app traditionally runs in a separate virtual
machine. Garbage collection complicates this even further.

You might also want to check Singularity project:


On 9/5/06, Shawn AutoDMC Boles <autodmc at autodmclabs.com> wrote:
> I've got an idea for a program, and after readig about 1/3 of your
> documentation, I think LLVM is what I'm looking for.
> What I'd like now is some help to see if my idea is "sane" and and shed
> light and direction that could be provided.
> I want to build a simplified "Virtual Machine" containing:
> A Terminal
> Hard Drives (image files)
> Some Kind Of Networking Device
> LLVM programs would be run "inside" this Virtual Machine, accessing the
> terminal and hard drive images and networking device... but not having
> access to ANYTHING on the host computer (except through the "virtual"
> devices).
> I had originally planned on writing my own "processor core" for this
> project... but I'd rather use LLVM (Mainly because I don't have to write
> my own high level tools).
> Here's what I'm thinking I need to do.  It seems to me that I have to
> "port" LLVM using the System Library to my "Virtual Machine" (which also
> includes a bit of magic of the "Exokernel" operating system stuff).
> Then I can run LLVM programs in my "port" on my "environment" to get
> what I want.
> Then LLVM can JIT compile programs but still only have access to my
> "Virtual Machine."  I think.
> Any pointers on where to read, Ideas to move on... would be much
> appreciated.
> Thanks.
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