[LLVMdev] Testing a register allocator

Anton Vayvod avayvod at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 11:12:43 PDT 2006

Hi again!

I've managed to run the llvm-test with the options Fernando told.

What I did was the following:

I changed llc regalloc option in TEST.llc.makefile to my allocator.
I changed LLCBETAOPTION in makefile.programs file for all architechtures to
use my allocator.
I run make TEST=nightly report.html and got all tests under LLCBETA failed
('*' symbol). Though I know that my algorithm works. At least I succeeded to
pass some files from the LLVM tests (oggenc.c, for example) through llvm-gcc
-emit-llvm ; llc -regalloc=myregalloc; gcc -g commands and everything worked
fine (even running of the compiled file).
So I guess that nightlytest compares output of tested programs with some
prepared results and the output of llc with my regalloc is different from
the expected. Is it right? Or did I do smth wrong?

BTW, how can I run all tests only on LLC to reduce the amount of time to
wait until tests are finished, if it's possible?


P.S. I've checked out LLVM before running the tests

On 9/2/06, Fernando Magno Quintao Pereira <fernando at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I developed a register allocator within LLVM and now I need to test its
> > efficiency. Can I do this using llvm-test package?
> > Do llvm tests check all available regalloc options automatically? If
> not,
> > then what modifications should I do to the test files?
> > It would be great if I could test my algo along with linearscan and
> compare
> > the results.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Tony.
> Hey, Anton.
>    In TEST.llc.Makefile, you can set the type of register allocator that
> you want:
> LLC_OPTS = -f -o=/dev/null -stats -time-passes -regalloc=linearscan
> to compare against your, open "Makefile.program", and set
> LLCBETAOPTION := -regalloc=your_allocator -fast
> After that, you just have to type make TEST=nightly report.html
> on project/llvm-test/
> An '*' on the report means that your test failed. The report will give you
> your compile time, and the running time of the compiled file.
> Remember to check the test files from CVS.
> Best,
> Fernando
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