[LLVMdev] compiling the full SPEC CPU2000 suite to LLVM bytecode

Kenneth Hoste kenneth.hoste at elis.ugent.be
Fri Sep 1 13:56:50 PDT 2006


On 01 Sep 2006, at 19:53, Chris Lattner wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Sep 2006, Kenneth Hoste wrote:
>> Some problems were solved, new ones arised... Getting closer  
>> though...
>> The fixes for the previous problems are at the bottom of this email,
>> bug reports will be submitted when all problems are solved.
> Kenneth,
> In general, I am more than happy to help people on this list.  It  
> is good for the community and I enjoy helping people be successful  
> at what they do.  However, my time is finely divided by many  
> different things I'm juggling on an on-going basis: it's not "my  
> job" to monitor this list and respond to your emails.  As such, I  
> would appreciate it if you investigated the problems and tried to  
> find solutions on your own for some of these issues: I feel like  
> you aren't doing "your share" of the investigation work, you are  
> just complaining about stuff that doesn't work.
> I'm sorry that things are not working for you "out of the box".   
> The one useful thing I can contribute w.r.t. this email is that the  
> *warnings* about crtend can be simply ignored.  If you update to  
> llvm cvs, they will be gone, but they don't hurt anything with LLVM  
> 1.8.
> I hope that you do figure out what has changed between NAG 5.0 and  
> 5.1, because I *do* want you to be successful.  If NAG doesn't  
> work, perhaps you could contribute to getting gfortran up and running.

My last email wasn't a cry for help, it was a follow-up on the  
problems I've encountered using f95. Some problems are still open,  
and I will get to the bottom of them.
Most of the problems I've been faced with are f95 related, and are  
caused by the fact that the support for f95 in LLVM was incomplete  
and tuned for Mac only.
I'm not saying things have been done wrong, I just noticed support  
from f95 is all but complete, which is a shame for the things I'm  
trying to do with LLVM.
The problems have little or nothing to do with the fact that I'm  
using the latest version of NAG f95.

My last email, to which you replied, mentioned a list of fixes for  
the errors I've encountered with f95. The people from NAG support  
asked me to post the fixes on this
mailing list, so I did. I also mentioned my remaining problems,  
because someone (who's more experienced than me with LLVM), might  
know of a solution.
I've changed too many small things in my current LLVM setup, that's  
why I'm not working from CVS. I figured the last 1.8 release was the  
best thing to start from.
I will submit bug fixes for the various problems I've encountered, to  
the best of my ability.

About the crtend errors, I didn't know they were harmless. It seemed  
they were the cause of some major problems, but apparently they are not.
Some of the problems I'm facing are due to incomplete documentation  
of the gcc4 frontend, which has come up on this mailing list in the  
last couple of weeks (the emit-llvm flag which has to be used with  
the new frontend). For new users, like me, this is a shame, because  
trying to figure out stuff which have been solved already, is quite  

Getting the gfortran frontend working would be a great plus for me,  
but I don't have the time nor knowledge of LLVM to get it up and  
running myself. I am willing to test any ongoing
work, but am unable to do it myself. Getting the full SPEC CPU2000  
benchmark to compile to LLVM bytecode seemed a much easier task,  
since I have been working with it for some time now. Unfortunately,  
some problems still remain in that area.

I hope this isn't the start of a war of some kind. I'm very pleased  
with LLVM, and think it can be a great asset for my research. I will  
be using it intensively in the upcoming
months, and hope to contribute to this interesting project as I do so.




Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but  
what they conceal is vital (Aaron Levenstein)

Kenneth Hoste
ELIS - Ghent University
kenneth.hoste at elis.ugent.be

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