[LLVMdev] LLVM / Elkhound / ARM

Guillaume FORTAINE guillaume.fortaine at wanadoo.fr
Tue Oct 31 15:24:05 PST 2006


 I am French Engineer in Informatics and I would want to build a start
 up to  manufacture mobile phones ( OEM level ). I am currently in discussion 
with investors.

We would want to use LLVM as our main compiler but we will need to complete it 
to have a "commercial grade" one.

Here are our goals :

-Use a modified Elkhound as C/C++ front-end :


-Complete the ARM back-end

-Fix the bugs to be able to compile a complete Cross Linux from scratch for 
arm with uclibc-nptl.

http://trac.cross-lfs.org/milestone/CLFS 3.0.0

We believe that we will be able to speak of LLVM 2.0. :) 

How many people/much time ( full-time developers) are/is needed to success in 
this enterprise ? 

What is the best background they need to have to work on this ? ( C, gcc, 
lcc ? )

( we need these informations for our partners ).

It's a million dollars project and the stuff will be released under GPL.

We look forward to your answer,

Best Regards,


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