[LLVMdev] 1 Week before 1.9 Branch Creation

Tanya M. Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Mon Oct 30 15:49:47 PST 2006

>> It is now 1 week before I will create the 1.9 release branch.
> When will the front end stablize relative to this?  It would help in
> tracking down failures if the front end was frozen a bit before
> everything else.

Thats a good suggestion.

In the past we have done a code freeze and branch creation for the 
front-end and back-end at the same time. I'll talk to Chris about this 
issue. Perhaps for this release we will freeze the front-end 3-4 days 
before the back-end. If thats not enough time, for future releases we 
could do a week offset between the two.


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