[LLVMdev] 1 Week before 1.9 Branch Creation

Tanya M. Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Mon Oct 30 11:59:54 PST 2006

>> * November 6, 2006: Code freeze and release branch created. Documentation
>>   revisions.
> Does it mean that I can commit my changes to LLVM until November 6?

This means that if you want anything included in the 1.9 release it needs 
to be checked into cvs before November 6th. For large changes, its better 
to check the changes as soon as possible (at the latest a couple days 
before November 6th) so that the various nightly testers have a chance to 
test it.

On November 6th, I will create a release branch. After I am done, anything
checked into mainline cvs will be for the next release.

Make sense?


> Thanks.
> Tony.

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