[LLVMdev] lli in interpreter mode and external native libraries

Sarah Thompson thompson at email.arc.nasa.gov
Fri Oct 27 18:15:43 PDT 2006

>>> I can't really move to using the JIT entirely because I want to replace
>>> the memory model with something that supports backtracking -- this is
>>> doable (fairly) straightforwardly with the interpreter, but it would
>>> require some very complicated transformations to the code in order to do
>>> this within the JIT environment, and it would be quite tricky to avoid
>>> subtly breaking the semantics. That kind of approach is possible,
>>> probably, but not really something I want to attack right now.
>> Ok.  The easiest (in some senses) approach would be to do what you say 
>> above.  However, you could probably arrange for a mixed approach to work. 
>> in particular, you could have the JIT dynamically compile the FFI code you 
>> need by dynamically generating the "unpack from GenericValue" code for 
>> each callee you are interested in.
> That's what I'm currently trying -- it looks reasonably straightforward.
... and, at least on 32-bit Linux, it works fine. Thanks for the help. :-)


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