[LLVMdev] lli in interpreter mode and external native libraries

Sarah Thompson thompson at email.arc.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 26 10:29:36 PDT 2006

Chris Lattner wrote:
> 3. Best: Find a "foreign function interface" library, and use that to
>     interface to native code.
This is the only option that's really usable, unfortunately, because I 
have no control over what code some potential user might want to model 

I was wondering whether there might be anything in the JIT support that 
could be reused for this purpose?

I can't really move to using the JIT entirely because I want to replace 
the memory model with something that supports backtracking -- this is 
doable (fairly) straightforwardly with the interpreter, but it would 
require some very complicated transformations to the code in order to do 
this within the JIT environment, and it would be quite tricky to avoid 
subtly breaking the semantics. That kind of approach is possible, 
probably, but not really something I want to attack right now.


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