[LLVMdev] floating point exceptions in compare instructions

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Fri Oct 13 12:43:40 PDT 2006

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006, [UTF-8] Rafael Esp?ndola wrote:
>> Nope, you want non-trapping instructions.  If you use trapping
>> instructions, C99 functions like isgreater will not work correctly with
>> NAN's.
> How do I know when to use a trapping instruction? For example consider
> this C function:
> ------------------------
> int f(float a, float b) {
>        return a <= b;
> }
> ------------------------
> gcc uses fcmpes instead of fcmps...

I'm not sure, it's possible GCC is wrong: my understanding is that that 
should return false on nan, not trap.  However, the ARM ISA manual is also 
confusing to me:

FCMPES Operation:

if ConditionPassed(cond) then
   if (Sd is a NaN) or (Sm is a NaN) then
     raise Invalid Operation exception
   FPSCR N flag = if (Sd < Sm) then 1 else 0
   FPSCR Z flag = if (Sd == Sm) then 1 else 0
   FPSCR C flag = if (Sd < Sm) then 0 else 1
   FPSCR V flag = if (Sd and Sm compare as unordered) then 1 else 0

How could this instruction ever set FPSCR V=1?



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