[LLVMdev] Adding an object to llc

Silken Tiger st at iss.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue May 30 05:48:30 PDT 2006


Thanks for all your feedback. I just found the reason for the compile failure 
for my analysis pass: I had to add my object to the namespace llvm instead of 
anonymous. This took me some time since i was looking for an linking 
failure... but as errors go i should have looked at the error message a 
little closer.

So for all those trying to add an analysis path:
* add the object name to the USEDLIBS variable in the tools/llc/Makefile
* use the llvm namespace instead of anonyous

This mail is intended as references for people using the search engines, prior 
to asking questions :-). But maybe this information could also be added to


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