[LLVMdev] Re: About the callgraph builder

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Thu May 25 20:58:45 PDT 2006

On Fri, 26 May 2006, Nai Xia wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Oh, I can see that you very busy with nearly every topic on the list.
> Very hard working man :)
> Actually I am not in a hurry.
> And thanks in advance.
> I think LLVM gives me a platform to learn and exercise many things.
> Best wishes to LLVM , to you and anyone contributing to it. :)

Thanks for understanding, I'm sorry I can't be more useful more of the 
time! :(


> On Friday 26 May 2006 10:52, Chris Lattner wrote:
>> On Fri, 26 May 2006, Nai Xia wrote:
>>> Could you kindly tell me who is the right person that can give me some
>>> suggestion or criticism on implementing a new callgraph builder? I have to
>>> firstly be confident that my design is at least reasonable.
>> Hi Nai,
>> I am and potentially other people on the llvm list.  The problem is that I
>> have a *huge* number of things I'm responsible for, so I typically deal
>> with llvmdev email in batches: no offense is intended, and I'm not
>> ignoring your email.
>> I'm sorry, but I don't know a better way to do things... :(
>> -Chris



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