[LLVMdev] Re: Release 1.6 LLVM-Cfrontend build error on cygwin

Anton Korobeynikov asl at math.spbu.ru
Tue May 16 11:47:09 PDT 2006

Hello, Chuck.

You wrote Tuesday, May 16, 2006, 6:03:14 PM:

C> /netrel/src/binutils-20050610-1/bfd/cofflink.c:1926
C> make[2]: ***
I've tracked this assertion some more deep. The problem is in
LLVMSelectionDAG.o file.

If I run the next lines, I've got and assertion:
ld -r -o LLVMSelectionDAG.o ScheduleDAGList.o ScheduleDAGRRList.o
ld -o llc LLVMSelectionDAG.o

If I remove one of the SheduleDAG* files from the full list of objects,
LLVMSelectionDAG.o is built from, the assertion is not longer

Any ideas, why? I think, there is duplicate symbols somewhere, but I'm
not sure.

With best regards,
 Anton                          mailto:asl at math.spbu.ru

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 10:43:52 PM

Faculty of Mathematics & Mechanics, Saint-Petersburg State University

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