[LLVMdev] Building Tools on MinGW from CVS

Morten Ofstad morten at hue.no
Mon May 15 01:42:02 PDT 2006

Greg Pettyjohn wrote:
> P.S. I would like to *actually use* llvm one day. But it seems like this
> may be very difficult so long as I am working on Windows. Please make a
> Windows version that is not "experimental".

The windows version of LLVM is not "experimental" at all, it is used by several people building from the Visual Studio 
project files. The windows gcc *front end* is another story, but I think there are many developers like me who use LLVM 
with their own front end. I don't think anyone should be surprised that it's complicated to build anything based on gcc 
(like the LLVM frontend) in a windows environment, but LLVM itself is still very useful without it.


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