[LLVMdev] summer of code - what to write in the proposal?

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Wed May 3 22:10:46 PDT 2006


Thomas Wikberg wrote:
> I'm new to this "summer of code" and was planning to apply for llvm but 
> I'm not sure what to write in my proposal?
> I have looked at a couple of proposal templates and most of them has an 
> "Project Details" part. Lets say I want to
> implement an new and cool optimization pass for llvm, what kind of 
> details do you want to know of: details about how
> I'm planning to incorporate the pass into llvm (to show that I 
> understand the inner working of llvm), or how the optimization
> work on a more theoretical level (to show that understand the 
> algorithm), or something completely different? And what other
> things do you think should be mentioned in an "great" proposal?

Speaking as a mentor of the Python Software Foundation, in my opinion it 
is extremely important to explain in some detail what you are planning 
to do and when you plan to deliver it. If you don't do that it is hard 
to judge whether you actually finished your project, whether you are 
behind schedule and maybe need help and whether you should receive the 
grant in the end.


Carl Friedrich Bolz

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