[LLVMdev] summer of code - what to write in the proposal?

Thomas Wikberg thomas.wikberg at gmail.com
Wed May 3 12:55:14 PDT 2006


I'm new to this "summer of code" and was planning to apply for llvm but I'm
not sure what to write in my proposal?
I have looked at a couple of proposal templates and most of them has an
"Project Details" part. Lets say I want to
implement an new and cool optimization pass for llvm, what kind of details
do you want to know of: details about how
I'm planning to incorporate the pass into llvm (to show that I understand
the inner working of llvm), or how the optimization
work on a more theoretical level (to show that understand the algorithm), or
something completely different? And what other
things do you think should be mentioned in an "great" proposal?
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