[LLVMdev] Intel vs. AT&T Assembly.

Aaron Gray angray at beeb.net
Tue May 2 08:21:49 PDT 2006

> Ok, less talk and more action.  I just implemented proper Microsoft 
> ML/MASM support.  It probably has a few rough edges, so if anyone wants to 
> try it out please do and let me know if you encounter any problems.
> Note that you cannot take a bytecode file created by llvm-gcc on Unix, 
> move it to Windows, translate it to Intel syntax assembler, assemble it 
> with ML and expect it to work.  You'll get an object file, but it won't 
> link.  It used to work, but something changed to make the C runtime 
> libraries incompatible.  lli cannot run the bytecode file either for the 
> same reason, nor will using CBE work anymore either.
> But for those of us writing our own front ends, this isn't a problem.

I got the code I did from the mailing list.

It needs some reworking as I created another TableGen identity. Its 

If you can wait a week (as I am on another project at the moment) I will be 
able to do that.

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