[LLVMdev] Intel vs. AT&T Assembly.

Jeff Cohen jeffc at jolt-lang.org
Mon May 1 12:39:58 PDT 2006

Absolutely not.  I have just re-read the EULA for Visual Studio and it 
does not even mention ML or MASM.  It places no restrictions on ML that 
do not also apply to everything else in Visual Studio, and that is the 
only license that controls my usage of ML.  In other words, if ML has 
"licensing problems" (whatever those are supposed to be), then so does 
VC++ and using NASM would solve nothing.

Now I do not have a free and/or beta version of Visual Studio and it is 
possible (ok, probable) those versions have more restrictive licenses, 
but again those restrictions would apply to everything and not just ML.

And don't forget that the need for *any* assembler is just a short term 
limitation.  The goal is for LLVM to produce object files directly.  
(Hmm...  note to self...  maybe I should finally get around to starting 
on that for Windows OBJ files :) )

Aaron Gray wrote:
> Hi,
> There maybe licencing problems with ML/MASM, we need to get someone to 
> check this out if we are going to support them.
> NASM and YASM were suggested.
> Aaron
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