[LLVMdev] Critical edges

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Tue Jul 4 16:30:48 PDT 2006

>    I've adapted the pass in BreakCriticalEdges.cpp so I can use it
> before register allocation. But the pass is not changing the control

BreakCriticalEdges modifies the CFG of the LLVM IR, so you'd have to run 
it before any machine code is generated: i.e. before instruction 


> flow graph of the machine function. I think it is because I am inserting
> the pass after the control flow graph of the machine function is built.
> I am inserting the pass as required by the register allocator, and I
> can see that the pass is splitting critical edges. Question is: where
> do I insert this pass so its modifications reflects in the control
> flow graph of the machine function? The code of the pass is the code
> of BreakCriticalEdges.cpp, and it is a runOnFunction pass, not a
> runOnMachineFunction.
> Thank you very much,
> Fernando
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