[LLVMdev] getting process memory info

Jakob Praher jp at hapra.at
Thu Dec 21 13:24:40 PST 2006

hi all,

i am writing a set of benchmark tests for binary translation of llvm
bytecodes as well as aot translation of llvm bytecode.

i am using the llvm-test sytle makefiles.
i write a special TEST.benchmark.Makefile that does the work.

i have good support (toolwise) for measuring runtime:
- time(1) is a nice utility for measuring time (under linux it should do
more but does not it  :-()
- time-passes

but i have no simply utility for measuring runtime space (memory):
- ps would work, but it is a hack since i can't invoke it by giving ps
the tool to execute (i would have to write a wrapper which runs 2
subprocesses, one which runs the app, the other which runs ps with the
right pid).
- valgrind et al - are too heavy weight imho

do you have a nice way to measure memory info like time(1) measures
execution time?

thanks in advance
-- Jakob

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