[LLVMdev] llvm-gcc frontend 4 on intel darwin produces intel assembler

Jakob Praher jp at hapra.at
Thu Dec 21 12:05:02 PST 2006

hi all,

i surely overlooked something.
but i am currently trying to do some benchmarking stuff with llvm.
in my thesis i was using llvm-1.5 (i did some extension work, which i
would have to frontport now).

But unfortunately 1.5 is for some benchmarks unstable (at least on my
box) such that llc sigsegvs sometimes, etc.

So I wanted to give 1.9 a go and build that on the my intel mac book.
I did not bother to compile the llvm-gcc frontend myself so I donwloaded
the precompiled tar ball.

But unfortunatly doing a LLVMGCC/bin/gcc -S assembler, the generated
assembyl is not in llvm representatino but in ia32?!

also the target says:
Target: i686-apple-darwin8

but the right? cc1 is taken:
-quiet -v -iprefix ....

any pointers?
is is stupid since gcc 3.4 is not precompiled on mactel - is it compilable?

thanks in advance?

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