[LLVMdev] llvm build not respecting DESTDIR?

Erick Tryzelaar erickt at dslextreme.com
Wed Dec 20 02:45:50 PST 2006

Reid Spencer wrote:
>> If not, does it make sense to package the two in the two packages? 
>> Macports is a source-based packaging system, so it would seem odd to 
>> have to temporarily install llvm-gcc to build llvm, but then install 
>> llvm-gcc in a separate package.
> That issue goes away with llvm-gcc4. You would simply build llvm and
> then build llvm-gcc4. With llvm-gcc3, its a little more contorted:
> 1. build llvm tools only (don't build the runtime)
> 2. build llvm-gcc3
> 3. build the llvm runtime library

Hi Reid,

I got llvm all up and running, thanks. I'm now trying to set up 
llvm-gcc4. Does llvm-gcc4 require the llvm object files, or can I 
install llvm, remove all the intermediary files, and then build 
llvm-gcc4? Also, if I'm just doing a one-off build, do I have to make an 
obj and install directory, or can I just build it straight out of the 
llvm-gcc4 source directory? Finally, do I have to install into the 
parallel install directory, or can I install into any directory I'd like?

Thanks again,

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