[LLVMdev] ThisCall / Compilation problems

Anton Korobeynikov asl at math.spbu.ru
Thu Dec 14 16:36:12 PST 2006

Hello, David.

> A few things.
> Firstly, I've got a working implementation of the X86ThisCall calling
> convention, but I'm unsure how to go about submitting it.
> (I'm not really sure how to go about creating patch files etc, but
> would like to contribute to the project). 
I suppose, you've changed X86ISelLowering.cpp, X86*AsmPrinter.cpp,
CallingConv.h. Right? Just send changed files to me and I'll check them.

> SDOperand Value should really be SDOperand value (lower case), since
> Value is already a defined classname.
> Not sure if this is really a 'bug', but it does cause errors in some
> compilers.
Well, I thoght, Jeff Cohen already fixed such issues. Maybe new came...

> Regarding the new stream wrappers in the current CVS version (in
> Support/Streams.h) 
> A lot of errors in VC++ Express (not sure about other MSVC versions).
Which sort?

With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov.

Faculty of Mathematics & Mechanics, Saint Petersburg State University.

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