[LLVMdev] How to compile apps to bc files with the new llvm-gcc4?

Scott Michel scottm at rushg.aero.org
Wed Dec 13 10:20:58 PST 2006

Domagoj Babic wrote:
> I hacked a replacement for llvm-collect2 (explained below), but such
> hackery is really not a way to go in the long term. I'm very hopeful
> that Chandler's work will solve the problem for good.

Interim (pontoon) bridges are the way forward for most successful
campaigns; often, you can't wait for the engineers to erect the
permanent bridge if you're looking to make progress. If it works for the
Navy and the Marine Corps, it'll probably work for us. :-)

Actually, this may be a much cleaner interim solution that the hack I
was planning inside the gcc4. It does require that the frontend's
gcc/gcc.c LINKER_NAME define be set appropriately. Getting that set
correctly might be an interesting configure hack, but easier than
hacking command specs in gcc/gcc.c.


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