[LLVMdev] llvm build not respecting DESTDIR?

Erick Tryzelaar erickt at dslextreme.com
Fri Dec 8 20:33:52 PST 2006

Reid Spencer wrote:
> Yes. Could you please file a bug report for this so we don't forget
> about it. I would really appreciate it. 

Will do.

>> So does that mean that if we're doing a pure llvm, or llvm + llvm-gcc4, 
>> we can just do "make" and not "make tools-only"?
> Yes. The makefile detects llvm-gcc4 and skips the runtime libraries.

Just to be clear, what happens if llvm is being installed before llvm-gcc4?

>> We hope to add http://felix.sourceforge.net to that list :) It currently 
>> is backed by a c++ generator, but we'd like to branch out to our own 
>> back end.
> Wonderful!  We need more front ends. Let us know how we can help :)

Great! One thing that would help: are you aware of any ocaml-bindings to 
llvm? The compiler is written in it, and I suspect that it may be faster 
to go through a binding than to route it through a intermediary source 


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