[LLVMdev] invalid bytecode signature

Ryan M. Lefever lefever at crhc.uiuc.edu
Fri Dec 1 16:06:31 PST 2006

I am trying to disassemble some bytecode using llvm-dis:
llvm-dis -f -o llvmtest/sliceme2.cbc.ll llvmtest/sliceme2.cbc

However, I am getting the following error.

llvm-dis: Invalid bytecode signature: 464C457F (Vers=0, Pos=4)

How do I go about figuring out what the problem is? 
llvmtest/sliceme2.cbc is newly compiled using the same version of 
llvm-gcc as llvm-dis.

Ryan M. Lefever  [http://www.ews.uiuc.edu/~lefever]

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