[LLVMdev] opt -load error on Darwin

Reid Spencer rspencer at reidspencer.com
Sun Aug 27 20:32:43 PDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-08-27 at 21:57 -0500, Jing Yu wrote:
> Hi,
Hi Jing,

> I am following the instructions on Writing an LLVM Pass on
> Darwin(8.7.0) powerpc.  The loadable library is built. But "opt -load
> " gives error saying "Symbol not found". I am using LLVM 1.8. Could
> someone tell me how to fix it? I have tried the same procedure on
> Pentium4 Redhat9. Everything is ok there. So I think there must be
> some specific problem on Darwin that I should pay attention to. But
> what is it?
> Here is how I got this error.
> After installing cfrontend3.4 and LLVM, I included cfrontend-bin and
> LLVM-installed-bin in PATH. I also set LLVM_LIB_SEARCH_PATH to be
> cfrontend-lib.
> I copied Hello.cpp and Makefile to
> ~/tools/build-ppc/lib/Transforms/Hello and built the library.
> pollux:~/tools/build-ppc/lib/Transforms/Hello $ make
> llvm[0]: Compiling Hello.cpp for Release build  (PIC)
> llvm[0]: Linking Release Shared Library LLVMHello.so
> llvm[0]: Linking Release Object Library LLVMHello.o
> The loadable library was found on ~/tools/build-pcc/Release/lib.
> pollux:~/tools/build-ppc/Release/lib $ file LLVMHello*
> LLVMHello.0.0.0.so: Mach-O bundle ppc
> LLVMHello.0.so:     symbolic link to `LLVMHello.0.0.0.so'
> LLVMHello.a:        current ar archive
> LLVMHello.la:       ASCII English text
> LLVMHello.o:        Mach-O object ppc
> LLVMHello.so:       symbolic link to `LLVMHello.0.0.0.so'
> But when I ran opt -load, it said "symbol not found". 
> pollux:~/test $ opt
> -load /Users/jingyu/tools/build-ppc/Release/lib/LLVMHello.so -help
> Error opening
> '/Users/jingyu/tools/build-ppc/Release/lib/LLVMHello.so': Can't
> open :/Users/jingyu/tools/build-ppc/Release/lib/LLVMHello.so:
> dlopen(/Users/jingyu/tools/build-ppc/Release/lib/LLVMHello.so, 9):
> Symbol not found:
> __ZN4llvm12FunctionPass16addToPassManagerEPNS_20FunctionPassManagerTERNS_13AnalysisUsageE
>   Referenced
> from: /Users/jingyu/tools/build-ppc/Release/lib/LLVMHello.so
>   Expected in: flat namespace

This corresponds to:
which should be linked into "opt". It is part of libLLVMCore.a

> I guess the problem is that the library who implements the symbol was
> not found at run time, or the lib path information was not given to
> LLVMHello correctly at link time. 

I don't know. It works fine on Linux. This could be a darwin linking
issue.  Please note that we upgraded the ltdl library used to load
Darwin shared objects after release 1.8. There were libtool release
notes that indicated better support for Darwin so we upgraded to

You may want to apply the same patches to your 1.8 sources and rebuild.
That *might* help. The diffs are attached for lib/System/ltdl.h and

> I am new to Darwin. I have tried to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to be
> llvm-installed-lib, and rebuilt LLVMHello. No difference was found. 

Yeah, I don't think its so much a problem with building LLVM or
LLVMHello. Rather, its the way shared libraries work on Darwin.

> What shall I do to fix it? Any information is appreciated.

My idea is above. Others (who know Darwin much better) might have other

> Thanks,
> Jing


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