[LLVMdev] llvm-gcc4 on Debian

Reid Spencer rspencer at reidspencer.com
Tue Aug 15 10:25:20 PDT 2006


Changes are coming to llvm-gcc to make use of the various optimization
passes directly. I don't know what the time line for those changes are
(ask Chris), but they should be out in the 1.9 time frame. Note that the
new LTO capability is a step in that direction to get link-time
optimization working in the Darwin linker. Chandler and I intend to
provide the same support in binutils (gnu ld).  In the meantime, use of
gccas and gccld manually should work just fine. Yes, some llvm-gcc4
documentation on that would help but these tools are already fairly well
documented. Please see http://llvm.org/docs/CommandGuide/index.html 


On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 09:41 -0700, Scott Michel wrote:
> Ryan Brown wrote:
> > I don't think llvm-gcc4 uses gccas or gccld, but it can emit bytecode
> > if you give it the --emit-llvm option:
> > llvm-gcc --emit-llvm -c -o foo.bc foo.c
> That's a bit asymmetric with the previous gcc3 version, isn't it? That
> would mean that the "An Example Using the LLVM Tool Chain" section needs
> to be updated for the gcc4 frontend.
> OTOH, I could attempt to hack on the gcc4 frontend to use gccas and
> gccld (not so hard). I have a patch that I'm testing that fixes llvmc,
> which is out of sync with the "c" configuration file.
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