[LLVMdev] compiling SPEC suite using f95

Kenneth Hoste Kenneth.Hoste at UGent.be
Wed Aug 9 07:06:00 PDT 2006

I managed to solve this problem myself.... The problem was not  
correctly specifiying the SPEC CPU2000 source directory. configure  
says the dir was found, but that doesn't mean the sources will be found.
For future reference:

When you get the error:

make[2]: *** No rule to make target `Output/accum.rbc', needed by  
`Output/177.mesa.linked.rbc'.  Stop.

You've probably configured using


What you should do is:


Maybe the configure script could be aware of this?




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Kenneth Hoste
ELIS - Ghent University
kenneth.hoste at elis.ugent.be

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