[LLVMdev] Regarding exceptions (new to this list)

Aristid Breitkreuz aribrei at arcor.de
Sun Apr 30 05:01:53 PDT 2006


I am, as said in the subject, new to this list. I have not actually used
LLVM, I tried with an older version but failed. Recently I noticed that
1.7 came out and looked at the release notes. And there was something
that stroke me: llvm-g++ adheres to the IA64 ABI but _not for
exceptions_. I was not able to find information why this is so and why
it is necessary, so I hope you don't mind me asking here. Why? It would
make me a whole lot more interested in LLVM.

I have another question: You said (I read in the archive) all your
libraries are static because of start-up time becoming too high. Have
you thought about using -fvisibility=hidden +
__attribute__((visibility(default))) (GCC 4.0 had this wonderful change
making C++ a better language to use)? Or is this currently impossible
with the LLVM infrastructure? Just curious.

Thank you and cheers (as they say),

PS: May LLVM have a bright future.

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