[LLVMdev] Re: Newbie questions

Vikram Adve vadve at cs.uiuc.edu
Wed Apr 26 20:48:54 PDT 2006

On Apr 26, 2006, at 3:06 PM, Tom Tromey wrote:
> So until this is fixed the JIT for libgcj is more or less an
> experimental toy.

Ok, I understand, though it is unfortunate.  I don't have any great  
insights into fixing this.

> I'm going to keep developing it as an add-on for libgcj.
> Hopefully I'll be able to distribute it in FC6 or FC7.
> Last night I found a huge, glaring bug in my JIT (so huge that I
> don't really know how I could have missed it before) that will
> require a fair bit of surgery.  I'll be fixing that this week.
> Once I've stabilized things a bit I will check in the needed libgcj
> patch so that the JIT doesn't require a custom gcc build in order to
> be plugged in.
> For the time being I'm only interested in having it work in libgcj.
> But, I agree, duplicating effort doesn't make sense.  If there's a way
> to generalize it to work in other environments, I'm open to it.

I would be quite happy to use libgcj directly, once the LLVM JIT is  
more functional.  I think there are a lot of interesting projects  
that could be done with that alone.



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