[LLVMdev] OpenBSD. (Was: 1.7 Pre-Release Ready for Testing)

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Tue Apr 18 03:01:58 PDT 2006

Hi Jeff,

> I just added __OpenBSD__ everywhere __FreeBSD__ was being tested
> (there were about a dozen places).  I suspect we'll have to add one
> for NetBSD also one day (even DragonflyBSD?).

Thanks.  Although it would be better to come up with a autoconf test for
the feature than keep maintaining the #ifdefs, etc.

> INT8_MAX and friends ought to be declared by <stdint.h>.  It is on
> FreeBSD.

That file doesn't exist on this OpenBSD 3.8 installation.  And that
symbol doesn't exist under /usr/include.  I guess it's not uncommon
given things like



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