[LLVMdev] Re: how to code a loop in llvm assembly

Oscar Fuentes oscarfv at telefonica.net
Fri Apr 14 23:00:37 PDT 2006

Oscar Fuentes <oscarfv at telefonica.net> writes:


> BTW, Simon, is there a reason for writing LLVM assembler and not
> generating LLVM code directly? The later is simpler and relieves you
> from some nasty burdens. It doesn't require you to generate SSA
> conformant code, for instance. Relating to your present problem, it is
> "natural" to code a loop without resorting to phi nodes.

Clarification: it is incorrect to say that generating LLVM code by
instantiating LLVM instructions doesn't require to follow SSA
rules. The truth is that the API is designed in such a way that you
follow SSA rules without knowing about them, except for things like
entries/exits of basic blocks (at least, I have not found any other
issues with SSA so far).


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