[LLVMdev] Status of Python bindings?

Pertti Kellomäki pk at cs.tut.fi
Thu Apr 13 00:41:36 PDT 2006

Eric van Riet Paap wrote:
> From what I could tell from the email 
> archive they were not far from being 'integrated' in the LLVM codebase. 
> I have no idea why that never happened. (probably just because it never 
> happened). It would be nice if someone (you?) could adopt his code.

It very much looks like it would be in my interests to get
the bindings integrated in the codebase. So if we decide to
proceed with LLVM, I would be happy to do it. Since the 1.7
release seems to imminent, it would probably make sense to
update the bindings for it.

> I asked Jarno if I could redistribute his code and he was positive about 
> that so I will mail you the zip file privately.

Got it, thanks!

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