[LLVMdev] Hash Bang

Misha Brukman brukman at cs.uiuc.edu
Fri Sep 30 19:55:28 PDT 2005

On Fri, Sep 30, 2005 at 09:50:45PM -0400, Karl Magdsick wrote:
> Have you considered allowing a "hash bang path" to precede the llvm
> magic number?

Personally, I would find it weird to intermix text data with binary
data.  Then, an incorrect invocation of an editor will corrupt the
bytecode as the user saves the file.   As users aren't expected to edit
the .bc files by hand, I'm not sure I would want to see them edit the #!
line either.

> This would allow llvm modules to be executable on UNIX systems (and
> under cygwin).

This is possible now, although in a more involved manner:

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