[LLVMdev] Doubt

Tanu Sharma tanusharma_04 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 4 08:33:03 PDT 2005

I have a doubt.

This is an excerpt of the raw report I get after running Spec benchmarks through llvm-test.I am trying to calculate the program execution time.Does the output result in bold corresponds to "lli time" in Makefile.spec ? I am not interested in llc, jit or cbe.I simply need the normal bytecode and native code execution times after running my pass over them.I have modified the Makefile for the same.

>>> ========= '/External/SPEC/CFP2000/177.mesa/177.mesa' Program


TEST-PASS: compile /External/SPEC/CFP2000/177.mesa/177.mesa

TEST-RESULT-compile: Total Execution Time: 45.1751 seconds (45.1877 wall clock)

TEST-RESULT-compile: 541814 Output/177.mesa.llvm.bc


TEST-RESULT-nat-time: program 2.870000

TEST-PASS: llc /External/SPEC/CFP2000/177.mesa/177.mesa

TEST-RESULT-llc: Total Execution Time: 12.9200 seconds (12.9080 wall clock)

TEST-RESULT-llc-time: program 5.040000




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