[LLVMdev] Help setting up a llvm project

Mike Emmel mike.emmel at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 20:32:42 PST 2005

On 11/27/05, Reid Spencer <reid at x10sys.com> wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Sounds like an interesting project. Here's some ideas for you on the LLVM
> Makefile System.
> If you haven't, I *strongly* suggest you read the makefile and project
> documentation (docs/MakefileGuide.html and docs/Projects.html).  There is much
> information there that you need to understand.
Yes  I read it and looked with intrest at modifying the read only variables :)

> LLVM is set up so that a single directory builds a single result. Since your
> source code is fairly large, I would suggest that you allow LLVM to recurse
> into subdirectories and build archive libraries for each of those directories.
> You can then use libtool to assemble a finale archive, object or shared object
> from the compiled archives. I don't believe LLVM has this capability built into
> its rules, but we could add it once you've figured out the details.
> Note that libtool can automatically rip apart archives and recombine them into
> larger libraries. Read up on libtool for further information.

Okay  I understand I need to add one more rule. Also I'd like the
intermediate object files to not be but in the main build but I can
fix that. Seems I need one more libtool rule to do the collection.

> Reid.
> Mike Emmel wrote:
> > First I'd like to let you know I've started working on porting gcjx to llvm.
> > Some other intrested people may help but I've just started the project.
> >
> > My first question is I'm porting gcjx over to use the llvm build
> > system I've successfully created a number of libraries but gcjx uses a
> > number of sub directories for its source and I'd like the .o files for
> > all of them to become one library.
> >
> > I can't seem to find a way to do that llvm seems to want all sources
> > in one directory.
> >
> > If I do something like
> >
> > SOURCES += aot/aotclass.cc aot/aotfactory.cc aot/mangle.cc
> >
> > I get the follwing error
> > GC heuristics: --param ggc-min-expand=81 --param ggc-min-heapsize=95905
> > aot/aotclass.cc:301: fatal error: opening dependency file
> > /media/WDC_Combo/home/memmel/GTK2.7/Qspin/Developer/Source/Languages/Core/Source/core/lib/compiler/gcjx/Debug/aot/aotclass.CXXd:
> > No such file or directory
> > compilation terminated.
> This is telling you that it couldn't find the dependency file for C++. That's
> because there's no "aot" directory in the Debug directory (where the dependency
> files are normally placed).  That's probably a bug in the makefiles, but your
> usage is a little unusual too (i.e. the design parameters of the makefile
> system didn't presume your usage scenario).
Let me see about adding a rule this was probably misuse of the build system.
I'm fine with one object file per directory.

> > and trying to get them to had via LIBS as one big object file seems to
> > fail also.
> I don't understand "trying to get them to had via LIBS".  As I said earlier,
> your best bet is to just build each sub-directory individually and then
> reassemble a larger library from the component archives built in other directories.
A bit of a mushed sentence you answered it already I want one archive
from several directories.

Looks like I need two things to import larger projects.

A rule to collect the object files from several directories into one main file
potentially a rule to keep any intermediate libraries out of the main
library build area.

Thanks for your help.


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