[LLVMdev] PyPy sprint announcement: Gothenburg 7th - 11th December 2005

Eric van Riet Paap eric at vanrietpaap.nl
Wed Nov 16 01:13:52 PST 2005

Hello LLVM-ers,

Most of you know of the LLVM backend in PyPy. We would like to use  
for the next phase of PyPy. If any of you would like to help us,  
please come to Gothenburg
next december. We have not put an LLVM track on the todo-list below  
mainly because
noone will be there dedicated to LLVM. If however someone would like  
to participate we
will make sure some of the PyPy developers will be available to make  
your time worthwhile.


**** announcement ****

Exact times

The public PyPy sprint is held Wednesday 7th - Sunday 11th December
2005.  There is a sprint for people involved with the EU part of the
project on the two days before the "official" sprint.  Hours will be
from 10:00 until people have had enough.  It's a good idea to arrive a
day before the sprint starts and leave a day later.  In the middle of
the sprint there usually is a break day and it's usually ok to take
half-days off if you feel like it.

Network, Food, currency

Sweden is not part of the Euro zone. One SEK (krona in singular, kronor
in plural) is roughly 1/10th of a Euro (9.15 SEK to 1 Euro).

The venue is central in Gothenburg.  There is a large selection of
places to get food around, from edible-and-cheap to outstanding.

You normally need a wireless network card to access the network, but we
can provide a wireless/ethernet bridge.

Sweden uses the same kind of plugs as Germany. 230V AC.

Registration etc.pp.

Please subscribe to the `PyPy sprint mailing list`_, introduce yourself
and post a note that you want to come.  Feel free to ask any questions
there!  There also is a separate `Gothenburg people`_ page tracking who
is already thought to come.  If you have commit rights on codespeak then
you can modify yourself a checkout of


.. _`PyPy sprint mailing list`: http://codespeak.net/mailman/listinfo/ 
.. _`Gothenburg people`: http://codespeak.net/pypy/extradoc/ 

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