[LLVMdev] Moving CVS Files

John Criswell criswell at cs.uiuc.edu
Tue Nov 15 15:12:49 PST 2005

Reid Spencer wrote:
> John Criswell wrote:
>> Chris Morgan wrote:
>>> Any reason not to upgrade to subversion?  It does a much better job
>>> with handling moved or renamed files although svn doesn't actually
>>> store a 'move' or a 'rename' as a single versioned operation.
>> We discussed moving to another revision control system about a year 
>> ago, if I recall correctly.  At that time, we decided not to move to 
>> another system.  I don't recall the exact reasons for not switching, 
>> but part of it was that CVS is the "standard" revision control system 
>> out there (i.e. everyone already has it on their system).  I also 
>> recall that, at the time, the cost of switching outweighed the 
>> benefits we thought we'd gain.
>> Right now, the moving of files doesn't happen often enough to warrant 
>> a change in software (IMHO).  I just think that we as a group need to 
>> exercise more care when moving files so that we minimize the problems 
>> that arise.
>> -- John T.
> We should probably review this decision at least once a year. If the 
> basis for not moving to svn is that "cvs is the standard", that 
> situation is likely to change.  Many organizations are now using svn. It 
> is rapidly becoming "the new standard".  At some point it doesn't make 
> sense for us to continue with the "old standard".  When that situation 
> occurs is up for debate.  I'm just contending we should review this once 
> a year because it is a situation that is in flux.

Agreed.  I probably should have mentioned that the decision is not set 
in stone; staying with CVS is what was decided at the time, but can 
change in the future.

> My suggestion is that we target it to coincide with the 2.0 release 
> since that release could have numerous changes that are not backward 
> compatible and moving to svn could be rolled in under that pretext.
> Reid.
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