[LLVMdev] LLVM 1.6 Release Branch

Tanya Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Mon Nov 7 19:02:16 PST 2005

>> I get the error with and without the --with-f2c option. I never used the 
>> NAG Fotran option. It works fine if I specifically use bash.
> Can you do a "cvs status configure" on your llvm-test configure script and 
> make sure the sticky tag is release_16?

[seraph llvm-test]$ cvs status configure
File: configure         Status: Up-to-date

    Working revision:    1.28    2005-08-08 16:26:07 -0500
    Repository revision: 1.28 
    Commit Identifier:   (none)
    Sticky Tag:          release_16 (branch: 1.28.2)
    Sticky Date:         (none)
    Sticky Options:      (none)
> Also, does the configure process halt?  Or does it just give an error and 
> keep going?

It halts.

checking for f2c bin/lib/include locations... checking for nag-fortran 
bin/lib/include locations... ./configure: bad substitution

>>> Can you verify that the configure script works for you without the 
>>> --with-f2c option?  If it does, I think we'll just file a bug report and 
>>> fix it in 1.7.

It does not work with or without f2c option. I get the same error 
even without any options.

> No, no more testing is needed at this point.  I think we just need to nail 
> down whether the configure bug is going to be a problem if somebody uses 1.6 
> on Sparc.

Alright. I don't think Chris wanted this to hold up the release. 
Unfortunately fixing it means it has to be tested on all platforms.

You can look at my .cshrc on the research machines if you want to see my 


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