[LLVMdev] FP Intrinsics

Andrew Lenharth alenhar2 at uiuc.edu
Thu Mar 17 07:18:17 PST 2005

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 10:38, Chris Lattner wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Morten Ofstad wrote:
> > I am trying to make the FP intrinsics (abs, sin, cos, sqrt) I've added work 
> > with the X86ISelPattern, but I'm having some difficulties understanding what 
> > needs to be done.

I have some notes for Alpha below, if you are so inclined :)

> 1. I don't think we need an "llvm.abs" intrinsic at the llvm level.  This
>     can be modeled as a pair of setcc/select instructions.

I agree.

> 2. My objection to llvm.abs does not apply to the FP_ABS
>     node you added: it is fine.  Additionally, the target-independent
>     selection dag machinery should be the one that notices the relevant
>     setcc/select pairs at the llvm level to fabricate the FP_ABS node.

A FP_ABS node is nice, alpha has abs (cyps F31, src, dst)

> 3. On X86 at least, sin and cos are not defined over the full numeric
>     range.  These instructions are useful for applications like yours, and
>     situations where a flag like "-ffast-math" has been provided.  Because
>     of this, please name the intrinsics and nodes sin_approx and
>     cos_approx.  I don't think that sqrt on the X86 has this limitation,
>     so its intrinsic can be named just "llvm.sqrt".

I think it is the same with alpha's sqrt.  Though sin and cos will have
to be lowered.

> > The part I don't quite understand is what to do for targets that don't have 
> > these instructions (although I'm only interested in X86 myself, I would like 
> > to see these patches in the official LLVM version as it's some work to 
> > maintain them)

So alpha has sqrt and abs, but not sin and cos.  Once you have the
SelectionDag making the nodes for the intrinsics, let me know.


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