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Vladimir Merzliakov wanderer at rsu.ru
Thu Mar 10 13:02:58 PST 2005

>> I think can be vary helpful if LLVM and (more important) LLVM CFE have 
>> daily versions like GCC and print its in logs and night test result 
>> pages. LLVM CFE not rebuild at each night test run and some tests can 
>> fail and not fail in dependency from current LLVM CFE.
> I think the best way to deal with this in the short term is to output the 
> date stamp of the "cc1" program in llvm-gcc.  If we output the date in the 
> Dejagnu test results section, it would be easy to see that for a CFE of 
> date N, all C{++}Frontend tests dated > N can be expected to fail.
I prepare patch for  NightlyTest.pl and  NightlyTestTemplate.html to do this 
without modifing llvm-gcc.

Also patch for NightlyTest.pl fix problem with "Number of object files 
compiled: 0 " in all nightly testers results.
In current *-Build-Log.txt files compilation logged like "llvm[3]: Compiling 
CloneFunction.cpp for Debug build"
This set 'Number of object files compiled' to zero with current grep pattern 

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