[LLVMdev] Making Constants from GenericValues

Patrick Meredith pmeredit at uiuc.edu
Mon Mar 7 19:17:24 PST 2005

I'm trying to turn some GenericValues into Constants in the interpreter
using code like this, in a switch statement:

     case Type::IntTyID:
         SI = ConstantSInt::get(FB->getType(), ArgVals[i].IntVal);
         UI->dump(); //for testing

FB is a Function::ArgumentListType::iterator
ArgVals is a std::vector<GenericValue>
the switch is on FB->getType()->getTypeID()
so basically what I am doing is iterating through the formal argument list
and using that to know how to convert the GenericValues
(on a side note I can't get it to create iterators for ArgVals, hence the
often n time operator[])

The dump() call causes a segfault and I can't figure out why.  I looked at
the implementation of get and it is supposed to create the constant if it
does not already exist in the module, so I'm at a complete loss.

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