[LLVMdev] Optional Target Builds (conclusion)

Reid Spencer reid at x10sys.com
Fri Apr 22 10:28:46 PDT 2005

Okay, Tanya and Markus tipped the decision over to option (a), build all
targets. However, I think Tanya hit it right on the money: this needs to
be revisited when the "activity community" is more users than

The feature is now implemented in the CVS head. If you do nothing you
shouldn't experience any changes as the default is the same as before
the feature was implemented. 

To use the feature, the option to configure is --enable-targets={value}.
Valid values are:
  all: build all targets
  host-only: build only the target for the host you're building on
  list: comma separated list with specific targets selected from

Note that for now, x86_64 and x86 are the same. They both enable
building the lib/Target/X86 directory.

I would appreciate it if, on the next reconfigure, people using PowerPC,
Sparc, IA64 and Alpha would test this feature out. In particular, please
validate that:

The default is "all", "host-only" gets your platform correct, and some
combination of specific targets works correctly.

Thanks for all the feedback and lively debate on this. 

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