[LLVMdev] Visual C++ Toolkit

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Thu Jul 8 01:40:02 PDT 2004

Chris Lattner wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Bill Wendling wrote:
> > I just wanted to know if anyone's looked into using the free version of
> > Microsoft's Visual C++ toolkit for LLVM:
> >
> >     http://msdn.microsoft.com/visualc/vctoolkit2003/
> Sorry, but it is not even close to working (its template and STL support
> is horribly lacking).  The Visual Studio "Whidbey"  compiler, now in beta,
> will handle it though with only a reasonable amount of tweaking to the
> LLVM sources.  I have no idea about when Microsoft intends to release it
> though, but I would guess that it will be sometime soon.  Google can
> probably tell you :)

Chris, I think you're wrong. The above link is GUI-less version of VC7.1, and 
it's template support has being hugely improved since VC7.

Looking at regression test summary for C++ Boost:


(the bottom of the page), you can see that this compiler fails mere 3% of 
tests. The tests are libraries, not standard conformance, but still it says 
something about compiler quality.

As a personal experience, when I've added my own library to Boost, the VC7.1 
was the only windows compiler which did not expose bugs.

- Volodya

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