[LLVMdev] Duplicate assignment in LLVM?

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Wed Jul 7 10:55:01 PDT 2004

Reid Spencer wrote:
> Volodya,
> I think you may need to update your CFE and rebuild. I compiled the test
> using my local build and I didn't get the results you see below. I'm
> also very surprised to see this output. The first %tmp.11 should have
> been %tmp.1 .. not sure how it got corrupted. In any event, the
> attachment is obviously generated by code that runs quite differently
> because the virtual register names used are quite different from what
> you have below. If you updated last week sometime, is it possible you
> got caught between some of Chris' "determinism" changes?
> Anyway, try an update and let us know how it goes.

This still happens after update and rebuild:

$ /home/ghost/build/llvm-gcc/install/bin/gcc -g -S -fno-inline -o test.llvm 
$ gccas -disable-inlining test.llvm -o test.bc
$ llvm-dis -f test.bc
$ less test.ll
int %main(int %argc, sbyte** %argv) {
        call void %__main( )
        %tmp.11 = call ulong %getL( )           ; <ulong> [#uses=16]
        %tmp.3 = cast ulong %tmp.11 to long             ; <long> [#uses=
        %tmp.5 = cast ulong %tmp.11 to uint             ; <uint> [#uses=
        %tmp.7 = cast ulong %tmp.11 to int              ; <int> [#uses=7
        %tmp.9 = cast ulong %tmp.11 to ushort           ; <ushort> [#use
        %tmp.11 = cast ulong %tmp.11 to short

- Volodya

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