[LLVMdev] Duplicate assignment in LLVM?

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Wed Jul 7 05:09:02 PDT 2004

when I'm compiling 


I get LLVM assembler which looks like:

int %main(int %argc, sbyte** %argv) {
        call void %__main( )
        %tmp.11 = call ulong %getL( )           ; <ulong> [#uses=16]
        %tmp.3 = cast ulong %tmp.11 to long             ; <long> [#uses=
        %tmp.5 = cast ulong %tmp.11 to uint             ; <uint> [#uses=
        %tmp.7 = cast ulong %tmp.11 to int              ; <int> [#uses=7
        %tmp.9 = cast ulong %tmp.11 to ushort           ; <ushort> [#use
        %tmp.11 = cast ulong %tmp.11 to short

Am I missing something, or there's duplicate assignment to %tmp.11?

- Volodya

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